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Our story...

    Hello, my name is Vanessa Lepaga! I'm a bit of a nomad, my family & I have moved around the U.S. quite often growing up due to my dad's job. I found myself in California during my college years. This is when I met my future husband! As we progressed into our relationship, we had the blessing to adopt our son. Soon after adopting our son, I went to school at Northwest College and graduated with honors as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. It was then, during school that I was diagnosed with PCOS. This was absolutely heart breaking for my husband and I, to have a harsh reality that we may never conceive a biological child. We are beyond blessed & grateful that we have our awesome son to love on!
    I then started my career and absolutely loved it! From that moment I always had a dream of owning my own 4D Ultrasound studio. Not long after starting my career we moved here to Las Vegas. We have lived here in the Vegas Valley since 2015. Since we moved here, I have worked at the same Ultrasound studio for almost 10 years! It was first Sneak Peek Ultrasound Studio and then became Little Blessings 4D Ultrasound Studio. It wasn't until recently in 2024 that I finally was able to accomplish my longtime dream of owning my very own Ultrasound studio!
    My many years of experience in the field along with my love and passion for this industry make our studio the best in Vegas! We have many reviews and testimonials to support that! We strive to make each session a precious memory to bond with baby-to-be with the entire family. I love to bring joy to my clients watching their little blessing on the big screen! We promise to continue to provide an affordable, family friendly, joyous and sweet little peace of mind experience!
    Thank you for your support from my family to yours! I look forward to seeing you soon! We wish you all the best!



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